Frequent Questions

  • The tour runs on Sundays?

No. We do the Free Tour in English from Monday to Friday. Sunday is our rest day but we can do a private tour on request.

  • The tour takes place on holidays?

The only two holidays in which we do not do the tour are December 25 and January 1. The other holidays, unless it is Sunday, we will make the tour.

  • The Tour is free?

Like all Free Tours in the world this is also free of paiment, Free Tours are not for free. You value the tour according to your level of satisfaction at the end of the tour and you volunteer with the guide.

  • How much is it recommended to contribute?
    In general, we do not recommend an amount to contribute, it all depends on your satisfaction with the tour. We do recommend take into consideration the economic situation that crosses the country and for the guides your contribution is their only source of income since they do not perform any other activity than the Free Tour.

Globally it is considered that 5 USD is the minimum with which you can contribute.

  • Do I have to make a reservation or notify?

It is not necessary. You just have to get to the meeting point, but are recommend to book to ensure a good quality of service.

  • Do you have to bring something special?

You do not need to carry anything special. We recommend depending on the time of year to have: warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, water, and comfortable shoes.

  • Anyone can make the tour?

The tour is entirely done on foot and lasts approximately 2 hours. Everyone who is willing to walk can do the tour. We always do it at a slow pace and to the rhythm of the whole group.

  • The tour is done in two languages at the same time?

For quality standard we split the groups by language, a guide for the group in Spanish and a guide for the group in English.




If there is any question that you think we should add, send us an email. Thanks