Spanglish Meetup

Would you like to improve your Spanish?

Do you want to chat with natives?

Spanglish Meetup is one of the best options for you, and without spending money on a class.

Meet with travelers and local people to share a beer, some food, experiences, stories and practice Spanish.

This is a free and fun activity, we will meet in a Bar to share.

Gain fluency through real-life conversations facilitated by a native Spanish speaker. Join our group, on Thursday conversation meetup in Salta, where we emphasize speaking, comprehension, pronunciation, appropriate verb usage and conjugation, expanding vocabulary, and generally improving your level of comfort speaking Spanish.

Ideal for those who need to supplement their Spanish classes with real-life conversation.

These sessions are designed for students of all levels whose mother tongue is not Spanish. The goal is to provide the opportunity to practice the Spanish language in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

Every Thursday Night

at 10PM

in a Chilling Bar

called "Baristene"

(Ameghino St. 735, Salta, Argentina).

Feel free to envite friends so we can improve our Spanish or English and have a good time!


Remember, only Thursdays