Excursions in the province of Salta and northwestern Argentina are designed to travel the most important and interesting places in a fun way, and focused on the most beautiful of our land, our culture, history and tradition.


The route begins through an important agricultural production area, where towns such as Cerrillos, La Merced, El Carril, Talapampa, Alemania stand out until reaching La Quebrada de las Conchas.

This beautiful ravine with its geological formations represents the most important part of the route. The hills will change their tonalities and contrasts. The oxides, sulphates, and sediments will take center stage in splendid landscapes of impressive polychrome. There will be stops in formations such as La Garganta del Diablo, El Anfiteatro, Tres Cruces, Los Castillos and others will be appreciated as El Sapo, El Fraile, El Obelisco, Las Ventanas, etc.

In the city of Cafayate you will have time to visit the town and we will take you to visit a winery.
Lunch (not included) in Cafayate and in the afternoon you return to Salta always by route 68.

Approximate duration: 11 Hours

Start time: from 7

Price: ARS 800 per person.


The day begins touring the towns that are in the Valley of Lerma passing through Cerrillos, La Merced, El Carril and Chicoana after 40 Km. You access the Quebrada de Escoipe. Place of unique landscapes with colors and geological formations. The ascent to Piedra del Molino (3348 m) begins through the Cuesta del Obispo, reaching Los Cardones National Park, the only high altitude park in Argentina. Stops are planned for photographs in Mal Cante, Cuesta del Obispo, Valle Encantado, Piedra del Molino, Recta Tin Tin etc.
Then continue through the desert area to the Calchaqui Valley, you can see examples of local wildlife such as guanacos, wild donkeys, eagles etc. Further on we reach the Recta Tin Tin where the aforementioned park and its vast population of cardones can be seen in all its splendor. Towards noon, we reached the town of Cachi.
Cachi has a strong colonial imprint that is evident in its architecture, in this town the visitor makes his first contact with the Calchaquí culture, its customs, traditions.
Lunch break (not included). In the afternoon the return to Salta is undertaken.

Approximate duration: 10 hours

Start time: from 7

Price: ARS 800 per person.


The journey begins towards the city of San Salvador de Jujuy and then begins the ascent and visit of the famous ravine. Progressively the vegetation will disappear to give way to the landscape of Quebradea. In the town of Purmamarca a stop of 30 m. approximately, which includes a walk through the town and its attractions. Between the interesting points they are the Hill of the Seven Colors, and the old Chapel of Santa Rosa de Lima. After Purmamarca, we continue towards Maimara and Tilcara, where visitors are taken to their famous Pucara. This ancient indigenous fortress is framed in a beautiful frame of polychrome mountains. Towards noon the tour continues to the city of Humahuaca crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, and many other geological formations that make the landscape a unique place. In Humahuaca the central square stands out and around it the Monument to the Independence, Cathedral, The Municipal Building among other things. Here a lunch break is held (not included)
For the return there will be interesting activities as the visit to the small chapel of Uquia that shows a strong colonial heritage expressed in the ancient architecture of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Valuable pieces of the mystic colonial art are exhibited, along with pieces of art from the old Cuzco painting school. Baroque, gilded colonial altars, or religious sculptures carved in wood, from the 17th century.
The return to Salta via S.S. de Jujuy, where a brief visit is made to the city square, which includes the main square, flag hall, and cathedral.
You return to the city of Salta by fast road access and subsequent highway.

Approximate duration: 12 hours

Start time: 7 AM

Price: ARS 900 per person.


We left for San Antonio de los Cobres and access to this town through the RN 51. In the morning hours the tour takes place through the Quebrada del Toro accompanying the Train to the Clouds. In this way, visitors will be able to observe the wonderful works of the Argentine railway engineering, such as the impressive Toro River Viaduct, 260 m. long, first and second zig-zags, bridges, and sheds. As the railway villages of the ravine are transposed, you reach the ruins of Santa Rosa de Tastil, this archaeological site occupies a characteristic and strategic place in the area, typical of the habitations of the cultures corresponding to the development of the late period ( 1,000-1,450 AD.) Of the Argentine northwest. To reach the 4080 meters above Abra Blanca at this point the magnificence of the Puna is manifested through imposing summits such as El Acay 5959 m. among other. Then we reach San Antonio de los Cobres, a town with particular characteristics that will differentiate it from the rest of the Andean populations. Lunch (not included) in San Antonio and in the afternoon the journey continues, on route 40 to Salinas Grandes, large expanse of salt that extends immaculately for miles. After visiting the salt mines, the excursion continues towards Purmamarca, for which it must climb up to 4170 m high and descend through the imposing and colorful Cuesta de Lipan. Already in Purmamarca the astonishment becomes visible when admiring the Hill of the Seven Colors, and an attractive handicraft market. After the visit begins the return to Salta via highway.

-Note: It is recommended to bring sunscreen, hat or cap, sunglasses, coat.

Approximate duration 13 hours

Start time: 7 AM

Price: ARS 1200 per person.

The excursions we offer are outsourced with a travel agency of our absolute trust.
The excurtions are on a regular basis, they do not include drinks, meals and tickets to museums or other costs related to them. They include transport service, bilingual guidance and transported passenger insurance.
SFT is not responsible for itinerary changes, cancellations, loss of personal belongings or other activities related to the excursion.
The prices of the excursions are exclusive of SFT and are adequate so that you can get an excursion at a more accessible price than in the rest of the travel and tourism agencies.

Important note: If your lodging is within a radius of 2 kilometers from the city center, the excursion will pick you up at the lodging, if you are further away than 2 kilometers you should reach the meeting point in the city center.

You can pay or reserve the excursions, partially or totally, with your credit card.

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